2019 marks the seventh year of A Sacred Journey, and because I've decided to enter a rhythm of sabbatical every seven years, this means 2019 will be a bit quieter at asacredjourney.net. While the Journey Shop will still be open, Journey Guide will still be available, and I'll still be meeting with clients, I won't be writing new posts, publishing new episodes, or sending out many emails. Before I press pause, though, I wanted to share with you about the practice of sabbatical so you can join me and in intention from afar. Learn more about sabbatical and how you can make it a practice of your own, too, in today's episode with John Valters Paintner, online prior at abbeyofthearts.com. Find episode notes and subscribe to receive updates and download a free pilgrim guide at asacredjourney.net/podcast.

Are you planning a pilgrimage? This episode is brought to you by Journey Guide, a step-by-step travel companion for your pilgrimage of a lifetime. Journey Guide is a multi-media travel resource infused with soul, including guides and writing prompts for each stage of the journey, worksheets and resources to go deeper, interviews with pilgrims, and more. Learn more about Journey Guide at asacredjourney.net.

There are journeys in life that we plan and look forward to with anticipation, and then there are the journeys that life brings us. For me, these past few years have taken me on a journey through infertility, and I'm not alone. One in eight couples experience infertility and/or pregnancy loss, and it's a story that's often untold, making the journey all the more isolating. In today's extended episode, I'm sharing my own journey and also interviewing author Breanna Chud and therapist and priest Danae Ashley about their fertility journeys as well. Whether or not you're struggling with infertility, this episode is for you, because we all likely know someone who is, and one thing is certain: we all need tender and compassionate companions who are willing to journey with us wherever the road might lead. Find episode notes and subscribe to receive updates at asacredjourney.net/podcast.

This episode is brought to you by Journey Shop, where I sell handmade and designed resources to inspire your journeys at home and abroad. The Journey Shop is filled with tools for spiritual practice, including my popular liturgical wall calendar, wearable prayer beads, and more. For the next few weeks, you’ll also be able to purchase a Creation-themed Limited Edition set of prayer beads inspired by my upcoming Creation Pilgrimage. Visit the Journey Shop at asacredjourney.net to claim yours before they sell out!

Pilgrim Podcast is a new bi-weekly podcast exploring spirituality and intention in travels and daily life and what it means to live like a pilgrim at home and abroad. In each episode, we'll join fellow seekers in conversation to on pilgrimages abroad, meaningful journeys at home, and the surprising paths life sends us down that always lead to transformation. In this introductory episode, listen in as host Lacy Clark Ellman of asacredjourney.net shares her own journey with pilgrimage at home and abroad and sets the stage for conversations to come. Find show notes and more at asacredjourney.net/podcast.


This episode is sponsored by the Journey Shop, where you'll find resources for your journeys at home and abroad. If you enjoyed this episode, leave an iTunes review by September 30, 2017, for your chance to win a collection of gifts from the Journey Shop.

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