August 28, 2017

Welcome to the Pilgrim Podcast: An Introduction

Pilgrim Podcast is a new bi-weekly podcast exploring spirituality and intention in travels and daily life and what it means to live like a pilgrim at home and abroad. In each episode, we'll join fellow seekers in conversation to on pilgrimages abroad, meaningful journeys at home, and the surprising paths life sends us down that always lead to transformation. In this introductory episode, listen in as host Lacy Clark Ellman of shares her own journey with pilgrimage at home and abroad and sets the stage for conversations to come. Find show notes and more at


This episode is sponsored by the Journey Shop, where you'll find resources for your journeys at home and abroad. If you enjoyed this episode, leave an iTunes review by September 30, 2017, for your chance to win a collection of gifts from the Journey Shop.

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